Dark Blue single by IOTAPHI
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IOTAPHI is the new project of Ilia Darlin in collaboration with Francesco IX. An all encompassing art project which flourished in Los Angeles and Ibiza, but has its roots in Athens.


The project is an attempt to decipher and embrace chaos, drawing ispiration from Greek mythology and cosmos. A cinematic dark soundscape with heavily layered electronic sounds married with traditional instruments like the santour.


As if Homer, Sebastian Bach, James Blake and Maria Sabbina met on a rainy shore in an abandoned house and had some wine under the influence of magic mushrooms.


“We would lock ourselves in the studio in the middle of a valley, living out of 1euro packed couscous from Lidl and the only time we would see the light of the day was when we walked to see Es Vedrà, the island of the Sirens. It’s where we realized we were not meant to be the focus, merely the medium.”


The debut EP “Kloudland” is out now, with the track Hypertopos produced by Daniel Heath (Lana Del - Rey Blue Jeans, Ultraviolence…)



“Exceptional work” –Dimitris Papaspiropoulos Best Radio 92,6


"The only sure thing is that if beauty ever killed the beast it would be with "Kids Of Chaos" playing in the background." RISE TV



“Kids of Chaos”

Nominations: Berlin Music Video Awards,

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Festival, Belarus,

International Film Festival "Cinema and You" Mariupol, Ukraine


Wins: Athens Short Film Festival

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